Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday: Carlos Condit’s Flying Knee

Starting this week, Technique Tuesday will be powered by my friends over at MMA Surge, who have made a ton of great how-to videos on Youtube to help step up your MMA game.

I got a chance to speak with host Andrew “The Squid” Montañez and the rest of the MMA Surge crew last week and I can’t wait to see what other great content they put out!

In honor of next weekend’s UFC 154, “The Squid” and crew breakdown UFC interim welterweight champ Carlos Condit’s signature flying knees in this installment of Technique Tuesdays.  Condit emphatically used this move to decimate Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 132, viciously knocking him out in his last bout before taking the interim title.

Learn how to do “The Natural Born Killer’s” signature move in the video above and don’t forget to check back next week for more great techniques powered by MMA Surge.


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