It’s the Final Countdown: My Extreme MMA News Final Project Assignment

As my Reinventing the News class comes to a close this semester, the time has come to select my assignment for my final project of the year.

Since the focus of the course is on the evolution of media in this digital age, I thought that it would be appropriate to profile Extreme MMA News, one of my local, New England MMA news colleagues.

I got a chance to meet the site’s owner, Rob Gagne, and his girlfriend back in October when we covered Cage Titans: Victorious as a part of the media table together.  Rob’s a really nice guy and his site’s story is pretty amazing.

Extreme MMA started out as a Facebook page and, slowly, after gaining a ton of followers, has now transitioned into a full-fledged MMA news blog that covers both national and local news.  Although the blog is still growing, the fact that Rob is pursuing his dream at his own cost speaks volumes and is really inspiring to me.

I can’t wait to start working on this project and profile this awesome MMA news site.  Let the countdown begin!


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