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NEF “Fight Night V” Preview: Fight Card Set for Nov. 17 Show in Lewiston, ME

This week, New England Fights! (NEF) released its full fight card for its Nov. 17 show in Lewiston, ME.

“Fight Night V” will be held at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee and will feature five professional bouts as well as 16 amatuer battles.  Headlining the night’s event will be a bantamweight title fight between two of Maine’s own as Paul Gorman of the Academy of Mixed Martial Arts takes on Havoc’s Adam Toussaint.

“NEF has garnered a reputation for providing its fans with an unmatched quality of entertainment,” stated NEF co-owner and promoter Nick DiSalvo in a recent press release.  “When our fans buy a ticket and come to the Colisee they expect to be treated to several hours of knock-outs, submissions, and great fights.  That is what we strive to put together for them, and we do it at very reasonable ticket prices.”

According to NEF officials, the New England-based promotion has garnered wide-spread success, averaging around 3,000 fans per show, which is pretty amazing for a local promotion.  Let’s see if they can pull some more big numbers when the return to action later this month.

Check out the full fight card below:

Main Event/Bantamweight Title Fight:

135lb – Paul Gorman (9-9, Academy) vs Adam Toussaint (5-4, (Havoc)

Pro Fights:

170lb – Ryan Sanders (4-2,Young’s MMA) vs Jarod Lawton (1-1, IABJJ)

155lb – Bruce Boyington (3-4,Young’s MMA) vs John Ortolani (6-6, Triumph)

145lb – John Raio (0-0, MMA Athletix) vs Ray Wood (0-0, Young’s MMA)

150lb – Dez Green (5-0, Bombsquad MMA) vs Brandon Fleming (2-1, SSSF)

155lb – Jon Lemke (1-0, Team Irish) vs Ahsan Abdulla (1-1, Bombsquad MMA)

Amatuer Fights:

125lb AM – John Parker (0-1, Team Nitemare) vs Ken Foster (0-1, Independent)

135lb AM – Derek Shorey( 2-5, Bill Jones’ Shop) vs Cody Sargent (0-1, Independent)

135lb AM – Eric Austin (1-0, CMBJJ) vs Steve Sobel (1-0, Independent)

135lb AM – Elias Leland (1-1, The Academy) vs Tommy Balzano (3-1, Team Irish)

135lb AM – Nick Spencer (2-1, Choi’s) vs Brandon Bushaw (2-2, Fitness Edge MMA)

145lb AM – Shawn Goodrich (0-0, Havoc) vs Edward Milville (0-0, CMBJJ)

155lb AM – Jesse Erickson (2-1, CMBJJ) vs Drew Waltz (1-1, Young’s MMA)

155lb AM – Will McCall (1-0, Team Irish) vs Steven Bang (0-0, CMBJJ)

155lb AM – Rob Vandastine (0-0, IABJJ) vs Nate Charles (0-4, Balanced Ground MMA)

170lb AM – Tollison Lewis (2-2, Balanced Ground MMA) vs Tim Tucker (0-2, Independent)

170lb AM – Dave Norton (0-0, Team Irish) vs Chris Ouellette (0-0, Havoc)

170lb AM – Andrew Tripp (2-0 , Team Irish) vs Brian Sparrow (3-0, ProElite)

185lb AM – Buck Pineau (4-2, Choi’s) vs Josh McAuliffe (0-0, Young’s MMA)

195lb AM – Crowsneck Boutin (0-2, Independent) vs Tony Wells (0-1, CMBJJ)

205lb AM – Brent Dillingham (3-0, MMA Athletix) vs Ben Raven (0-0, Sipayik Boxing Club)

265lb AM – Kevin Smith (0-0, Young’s MMA) vs Brandon Newman (0-2, Team United Muay Lao)


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