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Live Results from Cage Titans FC “Victorious”

I’m here at the Plymouth Memorial Hall for Cage Titans FC “Victorious” where there will be a ton of great professional and amateur mixed martial arts action.

I’ll be updating the blog live as the results come in so make sure to stay up to date with tonight’s exciting show!

Live Results and Recap


155 lb. Ammy: Jacob Weeks (NEXUS MMA) vs. Mike Mitry (Wai Kru)

Round 1:

Weeks grabs Mitry’s front kick and immediately gets the takedown.  Quickly transitions to the back and starts sinking in the RNC.  Mitry taps.

Results: Weeks via submission (rear naked choke) 0:38 into round 1.

170 lb. Ammy: Jeff Hsu (Team Trifecta) vs. Felix Gomez (Florian Martial Arts Center)

Round 1:

Hsu opens with a lead leg kick. Gomez ties him up against the cage, pressuring him.  Hsu reverses lands a nice knee to the body.

Both men exchanging knees to the leg.  Pummeling back and forth. Hsu looking for body strikes, Gomez looking to attack the head w/ short punches.

Gomez landing some short strikes w/ his dirty boxing, attacking the body.

Hsu throws a knee to Gomez’s groin, ref breaks the action.  Round ends with both men exchanging strikes.

Round 2:

Hsu looks for the leg kick to open the round again. Gomez ties him up, Hsu pushes him against the cage.  Gomez really unloading with body shots inside the clinch.  Hsu still pushing him against the cage. They break and Gomez lands a couple of nice strikes and pressures Hsu against the cage.

Hsu reverses but Gomez still unloading with body shots.  Hsu responds with some big knees to the body and leg.

They break.  Hsu circling trying to land kicks, Gomez looks to pressure.  A few nice strikes from “Black Magic” and its up against the cage again.  Hsu pressuring but Gomez with the strikes.

They break, Gomez looks to clinch up lands nice hooks.

Gomez now pressuring against the cage, landing body shots. Hsu reverses lands some knees to the leg.  Gomez reverses and continues working the body.  Round ends w/ back and forth body shots from both me in the clinch.

Round 3:

Same start but Hsu circles away to avoid the clinch.  Gomez chases and gets him against the cage, landing body shots.  Hsu reverses but Gomez is attacking the face.

Hsu breaks away and lands a nice leg kick.  Gomez coming after him and now has him up against the cage.  Now its Gomez with the knees to the leg.

Hsu reverses and they exchange strikes from the clinch.

Both men exchanging knees and body shots, Gomez w/ the back against the cage but more volume strikes.  Gomez w/ the clinch, lands a pair of nice knees to the body.

Some movement against the fence, exchange of blows before the round ends.

Results: Hsu via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

145 lb. Ammy: Jeff Marchetti (Lauzon MMA) vs. Shayne Stephenson (Independant)

Round 1:

Marchetti comes in quick and immediately takes Stephenson – who took the fight at literally the last minute – down.

Marchetti gets the mount quick as Stephenson holds on for dear life.  Stephenson tries to buck him off but ends up getting his back taken.  Marchetti unloading w/ ground-and-pound strikes before going for the rear naked choke.

It’s lights out for Stephenson as Marchetti puts him to sleep.

Results: Marchetti via submission (rear naked choke) 1:15 into round 1.

160 lb. Ammy: Dan Lopez (Sport Specific Fitness) vs. Jamie Courtney (Sityodtong)

Round 1:

After some feeling out, Lopez lands a big leg kick for the fight’s first blow.  Tentative striking, both men are weary of engaging each other.

Courtney lands a nice punch as Lopez steps in.  They back off and Lopez lands another leg kick.

Lopez lands a nice hook and gets Courtney against the cage.  Courtney is able to circle out and they break.

Lopez looks for a head kick, misses and lands another nice leg kick.  Back-to-back leg kicks by Lopez and another missed head kick.  Courtney looks to come in but round ends.

Round 2:

Lopez starts the round w/ two leg kicks, Courtney responds with a weak one of his own.  Courtney is taking control of the center of the cage but Lopez starts to pressure.

Striking scramble puts Courtney against the cage momentarily but he circles out.  Lopez still trying to land that head kick, Courtney responds with a leg kick.

After some circling, Courtney lands a nice inside leg kick.  More tentative striking before Courtney gets the big double leg take down against the cage.

Courtney ends the round on top.

Round 3:

Lopez with another nice leg kick a few seconds into the final frame.  Courtney responds with a nice one two against the cage.  Lopez circles out.

They start exchanging in the middle of the cage, Courtney with nice punches inside.  Lopez responds with a solid body kick.

Both guys still tentative getting into striking exchange.

Courtney with another big takedown that will likely steal the fight.  Lopez looks to cage walk but Courtney is really putting the pressure on.  There’s no escaping his top control as Courtney ends the round on top.

Results: Lopez via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27).

150 lb. Ammy: Jeff Perez (NEXUS MMA) vs. Chris Violette (Team Burgess)

Round 1:

Violette comes out strong, attacks with strikes and pressures Perez against the cage.  Perez reverses and looks for the take down, nice defense from Violette.

They break apart and Violette lands a leg kick.  Perez starts unloading with huge hooks that have Violette stumbling.  Perez looks for the take down against the cage but gets reversed.  Scrambling and Perez is now putting on the pressure against the cage.  Fighting hard for a high crotch take down but abandons it.

Violette reverses but Perez lands a nice body to the knee inside the clinch.  They break and Perez again attacks with huge hooks that really looked like they had Violette out.

He recovers and ends the round pushing Perez against the cage.

Round 2:

Perez looks to land a hook as Violette goes for the leg.  A few strikes are exchange until Perez lands the big take down against the fence, ending up in Violette’s guard.

Violette keeps Perez solidly tied up as he tries keep his guard closed.  He has a solid guillotine grip but Perez isn’t fazed. Perez is pressuring hard though and after a small slam, gets to side control, although Violette has a solid lock on his neck.  Perez gets out of the crank and starts landing some heavy ground and pound.

Violette gets his guard back but Perez ends the round on top.

Round 3:

Violette looking to land with a few kicks. Fight goes to the ground and Violette gets another solid guillotine grip in guard but Perez passes.

Round is pretty uneventful as Perez rides out the round on top.

Predictions: Perez via unanimous decision.

148 lb. Ammy: Maxx Barrett (MAXX Training) vs. Stefanos Kampouris (Wai Kru)

Round 1:

Barrett rushes in and quickly gets the take down.  Lands in Kampouris’ guard and the Wai Kru product ties him up.

Kampouris looking for the armbar but Barrett escapes and they stand up.  Kampouris pressures with some nice strikes and lands a couple of heavy body kicks.

Barrett resoinds with some heavy punches against the cage but Kampouris circles away.

Back and forth striking exchange in the middle before Kampouris ties Barrett up against the cage.  Barrett escapes and starts unloading with strikes but Kampouris pushes away.  Barrett ends the round with a ton of solid strikes against the cage.

Round 2:

Touch of the gloves and its back to action.  Kampouris starts with a pair of nice leg kicks.  Barrett looking to land with a jab and an uppercut.  They exchange kicks in the center of the cage but Barrett clips him with a nice hook against the fence.

Barrett lands a ton of solid punches but Kampouris circles away.  Barrett goes after him but the Wai Kru product locks him up and looks for the take down against the fence.  Kampouris gets the outside leg trip and lands in Barrett’s half guard.

Kampouris mounts and unloads with brutal ground and pound strikes until the referee calls the finish.

Results: Kampouris via TKO (strikes) 2:09 into round 2.

145lb. Ammy: Manny Bermudez (SSSF) vs. Grant Mosley (Florian Martial Arts Center)

Round 1:

Mosley lands a solid leg kick buts gets immediately taken down by Bermudez.

After a scramble, Mosley quickly locks in a triangle choke.  Bermudez does his best to defend, trying several slams to shake “Fury” loose, but Mosley has it in deep.

After some rolling around, transitioning between the triangle and an armbar, Mosley gets the tap with the choke.

Results: Mosley via submission (triangle choke)1:24 into round 1.

125 lb. Ammy: Remo Cardarelli (USMMA) vs. Jessie Pires (Team BKJA)

Round 1:

Quick striking exchange to start things off and Pires is already bloodied.

Cardarelli lands some nice strikes but Pires pushes back hard.  Cardarelli shoots in for the single leg and gets Pires up against the cage.  Gets the take down and quickly gets into the mount.  Some ground and pound and Cardarelli slickly transitions into a triangle choke.  Pires escapes but gets stuck in an armbar.

Cardarelli is pushing hard for the submissions but Pires escapes and starts pounding away from on top.  Huge ground strikes from Pires as it’s his turn to unload.

Pires ends the round on top.

Round 2:

Both guys exchange punches from inside the pocket with Cararelli getting in some solid hooks.  Pires is bloodied but fighting back, landing some nice strikes of his own.

Cardarelli gets the clinch but Pires trips him.  They scramble on the ground and Pires ends up on top.  From side control against the cage, Pires is landing big hammerfists and punches.

Pires is going for the crucifix before going to mount.  Cardarelli scrambles out but Pires immediately takes his back.  He’s pushing hard for the rear naked choke but Cardarelli is defending well.  Round ends with Pires holding the choke.

Round 3:

It’s back to action as both guys are swinging wildly.  Cardarelli starts to unload against the cage and is really putting a beating on Pires face.

The referee has seen enough and calls a stop to the fight even though Pires is still standing.  Questionable call but you can’t deny Cardarelli’s heavy hands inside the cage.  This kid is a killer.

Results: Cardarelli via TKO (strikes) 0:25 into round 3.

Official Undercard Awards:

Submission of the Night: Jeff Marchetti and Grant Mosley

Fight of the Night: Remo Cardarelli vs. Jessie Pires

Main Card:

185 lb. AM – TITLE: Mike Rodriguez (Team Trifecta) vs. Dan Burke (Team Burgess)

Round 1:

Both guys feel each other out for a minute until Burke lands a huge slam.

Rodriguez stays calm and closes up his guard, locking Burke down.  Not much action on the ground as Rodriguez is holding tight.

Burke is starting to land some ground strikes but Rodriguez is doing a great job at pull him back into his guard.  Round ends uneventfully with Burke in top guard.

Round 2:

Both guys are feeling each other out again before Burke goes for the take down.  Rodriguez defends this time and puts Burke against the cage.  Burke reverses and gets another solid take down.

Burke ends up in top half guard.  Burke keeps the pressure on but not getting too many ground strikes in.  Rodriguez escapes as they stand up and immediately pushes Burke against the cage.

Jumping knee to the body by Rodriguez as he keeps the pressure on against the cage.  Landing some solid strikes from the clinch.

Burke finds an opening and throws Rodriguez to the ground.  Burke can’t keep the position and Rodriguez momentarily gets the back.  Burke scrambles out and gets to his knees as the round ends.

Round 3:

Burke opens the round with a body kick.  Rodriguez responds with some nice punches which cause Burke to go in and land the take down.

Burke now working inside Rodriguez’s guard as he ties him up again.  Burke pressures against the cage which opens up Rodriguez to lock in the triangle choke.  There’s no escaping this solid submission as Rodriguez gets the tap to take the amateur Cage Titans FC middleweight title.

Results: Rodriguez via submission (triangle choke) 1:33 into round 3.

145 lb. AM – TITLE: Brett Morris (Rivera Athletics) vs. Matt Tullos (Connors MMA)

Round 1:

Morris looks to strike but the champ pins him against the cage.

Tullos stuffs the take down before the stand back up.  Tullos pins Morris back against the cage and starts throwing some small body shots.  Morris is looking for the take down but Tullos isn’t having it.  Morris jumps guard but Tullos is still standing, pinning him against the cage.

A little bit of showboating by the champ before Morris lets go, opening himself up for the champ to go in for the take down.  Tullos lands it and rides out the round in top guard.

Round 2:

Morris kicks off the round with a head kick that Tullos blocks.  Morris shots for the take down but the champ sprawls and starts throwing some ground and pound from the top turtle position.

Morris still has a hold of the leg but is eating some heavy shots.  Tullos looks to go for the back and keeps throwing down solid hammerfists.

Tullos pounces on Morris as he tries to spin out, landing some power shots before going back into top guard.  Morris ties him up after the champ lands a couple ground strikes before the round ends.

Round 3:

Morris comes in to strike but the champ quickly takes him down, landing in side control.

Some slick transitions by Morris as he pushes off the cage and lands on top of Tullos.  Major ground and pound now as Morris takes the back.  Tullos is trying to escape but the challenger is pressuring hard.

Morris is trying to sink in the rear naked choke but Tullos is defending well.  The champ tries to spin out but Morris is keeping the pressure on as he stays on top.

Somehow, Tullos escapes and is now throwing his own big shots from top guard.

Round ends with the champ on top throwing down blows.

Round 4:

Morris shoots in for the take down and briefly gets Tullos down, but he sneaks out and is keeping a heavy sprawl on the challenger.

More ground and pound strikes by the champ as Morris tries to spin out, but he can only get to bottom side control.

Tullos throwing some knees to the body from side control before the challenger spins out.

Crazy scramble as Morris is now on top and is trying to land shots of his own.  The champ does his own spin work and is back in top guard.  Round ends in familiar fashion as the Tullos keeps the top position.

Round 5:

Morris throwing body kicks to start the round and the champ is having none of that.  He lands the take down but Tullos gets stuck in a weird back crucifix position.

Tullos spins out and is now throwing down punches from top guard.  Morris is tying him up and throwing up some last ditch submission attempts that champ has no problem of escaping.

Brief scramble but Tullos gets to half guard and starts throwing down hammerfists.  Back to guard and Tullos rides it out to finish the round.

Results: Tullos via unanimous decision.

185 lb. PRO: Hector Sanchez (Allaire) vs. John Downey (Team Extreme)

Round 1:

Sanchez comes out with a hard leg kick, Downey responds with one of his own.

Another tough leg kick by Sanchez and Downey shoots in for the take down.  Huge slam and Downey goes to mount immediately.

Downey keeping the pressure on but Sanchez rolls over into top guard before transitioning to the back.

Sanchez sinks in the rear naked choke and quickly puts an end to this fight.

Results: Sanchez via submission (rear naked choke) 1:38 into round 1.

160 lb. PRO: Bobby Flynn (ProElite) vs. Jay Bakanowski (Wai Kru)

Round 1:

Flynn starts the round with a head kick that Bakanowski blocks.  Moves forward but the Wai Kru product pushes away.

Nice hook by Bakanowski before he gets the take down. Flynn locks up the guard and is looking for the armbar.  Bakanowski spins out and they stand.

Flynn goes for the takedown but Bakanowski sprawls hard, pinning Flynn on the ground against the cage.

They stand but Bakanowski keeps the pressure on, holding Flynn right next to the cage.  Flynn spins out and is now controlling the clinch, landing huge knees to the head.

Bakanowski reverses as they fight inside the clinch.  Flynn briefly attempts a standing guillotine but they break before he can sink it.

Bakanowski now pushing hard in the stand-up, landing a beautiful combo of punches before they get into another battle against the cage.

Fight goes to the ground as Bakanowski looks to control from the top half guard.  They scramble and Bakanowski’s face starts to pour with blood.  They stand up and Flynn starts throwing bombs but the round ends before he can do too much damage.

Round 2:

Round starts with them quickly going to the clinch.  Bakanowski gets Flynn up against the cage and tries to get the take down.  Flynn is defending well and again tries a standing choke but the two separate.

Quick knee to the body by the Wai Kru product before another clinch battle against the fences.  Flynn is trying to establish the Muay Thai plumb but Bakanowski is keep a nice close distance to avoid any more big knees.

Back and forth reversals against the cage with a tight whizzer by Flynn preventing the take down.

Flynn moves back to the plumb but gets taken down.  Quick scramble and Bakanowski now has the back.  The Wai Kru product has a choke in place but abandons it to keep the back control.

Flynn tries to escape but ends up getting stuck in an arm triangle choke.  Bakanowski sinks it in deep and gets the tap.

Results: Bakanowski via submission (arm triangle choke) 4:07 into round 2.

145 lb. PRO: Brandon Fleming (SSSF) vs. Rob Font (Sityodtong)

Round 1:

Fleming with the quick lead leg kick to start things off.

Font lands a body kick that forces Fleming to go for the take down.  The Bellator vet gets it but Font stands up.  Fleming lands a nice knee before they break.

Now it’s Font looking to get the double leg but Fleming holds onto the fence while the referee didn’t see.  They break after a brief scramble.

Fleming pressuring for the single leg but Font’s got some nice take down defense and escapes.

Font eats a couple of lead leg kick but he keeps stalking before going in for a double leg against the cage.  Font quickly transitions to the back and almost gets a choke before going back to some ground and pound strikes.

Fleming spins out as Font doesn’t have his back hooks in after a brief scramble.  Fleming is now in top guard but Font is attacking from the bottom with submissions.

Referee gets confused and almost stops the action as Fleming throws a kick as Font stands.  They tap gloves quickly and exchange some more strikes before the round ends.

Round 2:

Not much action standing up so Fleming goes in for the take down early in the round.  Gets a huge slam as Font tries for a choke but is forced to let go.

Fleming putting the pressure on as he tries to mount against the cage.  Font reverses as they stand and immediately gets the fight back to the ground, taking Fleming’s back.

Again, Font doesn’t sink in his hooks and Fleming is able to escape, now controlling from top guard.

Fleming tries to pass but Font is using some slick butterfly guard to stop it.  Quick scramble and they are back standing again.

Font lands some huge punches and forces Fleming to go for the take down.  Font easily stuffs it and turns the tables, now controlling Fleming from on top.

Fleming somehow stands back up but Font is relentless with his take downs.  It also helps that Fleming was holding onto the cage.

The Bellator vet now reverses and gets a takedown of his own, landing solid strikes and controlling from on top to end the round.

Round 3:

Fleming playing to the crowd before the round starts.  Brief issue with his gloves however as officials fix the situation.

They tap gloves and its back to action.

Font looks for the head kick while Fleming responds with another lead leg kick.  Fleming also tries for a takedown briefly but is stuffed.

Striking exchange in the middle of the cage is capped off by nice uppercut by Font.  Fleming responds with some risqué spinning backfist and kick combination.

Fleming shoots in for the takedown and quickly moves to side control.  Font pulls a sweet reversal and now controls Fleming in top side control.

They stand and Font gives Fleming a few more uppercuts and a knee for his trouble.

Fleming looking for more spins but only is able to land some more leg kicks.  He shoots in for the take down against the cage and gets Font to the ground, but he’s battling back hard.

Fleming now throwing some heavy elbows against the cage before trying to get mount.  They separate and stand back up.

Round ends with a last second choke attempt by Font after getting taken to the ground.

Results: Font via unanimous decision (28-29, 28-29, 27-30).


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