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Cage Titans FC Preview: Brookline Brawlers Ready for War

Photo by Matt Juul

With fight night less than a week away, you’d think that Florian Martial Arts Center’s Felix “Black Magic” Gomez and Grant “Fury” Mosley would be pretty nervous going into their amatuer bouts for Saturday’s Cage Titans Fighting Championship event in Plymouth—but that’s anything but the case.

If you ask these “FloMAC warriors” what they are looking forward to the most going into this weekend’s show, the answer might just surprise you.

“Walk-out music,” Gomez told me following another late night, training at the Brookline gym.  “It’s funny, you spend all this time preparing and working on your gameplan, tightening things up with your stand-up, your wrestling and your jiu-jitsu and everything.  But when it all comes down to it—what are you going to walk out to?  What’s going to amp you up before you step into the cage?”

Gomez, who plans on walking out to Kanye West’s “Power”, can focus on the less important details because he knows he’s well-prepared and has been training hard leading up to his bout with undefeated Team Trifecta welterweight Jeff Hsu.  “Black Magic” has actually been ready for months for a return to the cage following his successful amatuer debut this past April, but a string of bad luck forced several planned fights to be canceled.

“It kind of knocks the wind out of your sails a little bit, but it was tough for me because they were back-to-back,” Gomez said.  “It’s frustrating because you put in all this time and effort getting prepared for a fight, but the thing is that you’re telling everyone that you are gunna fight.  I feel like after some point, they think you are just lying and making up this whole fight career as a fantasy in your head.”

Gomez, however, won’t have to worry for much longer as his fight with Hsu will definitely be taking place on Oct. 20.

Photo by Matt Juul


Mosley is in a bit of a different situation than his teammate as he is making his amatuer MMA debut in a featherweight contest against South Shore Sportfighting’s Manny Bermudez.  And even with Bermudez’s prior experience in the cage, “Fury” isn’t that worried.

“I’m not giving too much thought to the fact that it’s my first fight, it’s just another sparring session,” Mosley said.  “I just get to hit him as hard as I want.”

It’s been a long road to the cage for “Fury,” who found the Brookline based gym by chance after leaving Florida when his home academy closed.  But after years of training and working with coach Keith Florian, brother of three-time former UFC title contender Kenny Florian, Mosley is confident that he can get the job done in his debut.

“I don’t think any of these guys—especially at the amatuer level—are going to be able to stand with me,” Mosley said.  “I just don’t see it.”


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