MMA and Photojournalism Unite!

Image by Matt Juul

The sport of MMA offers a lot of great, dynamic material for journalists to cover— especially when it comes to photos.

While I’m not a photojournalist per se, I do have minimal experience taking pictures for my beat, albeit via Instagram.

After listening to Mary Knox Merrill, a photographer for Northeastern, give her talk in class about her experience in the field, I feel like I can incorporate some of the principles she talked about into my next photo project.

One particular principle that stood out in my mind was the “Rule of Thirds”.  The rule basically states that you should break your potential photos into three sections in order to align the objects in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

For my upcoming photo project for class, I plan on implementing this rule quite a bit.  I will be covering this Saturday’s CES MMA “Real Pain” event in Providence, RI and will hopefully be able to get some great pictures using this rule.


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