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CES MMA “Real Pain” Preview: Campbell-Adkins Trash Talk Means War for Saturday Night

WWE star Dave Bautista makes his MMA debut on Oct. 6 for CES MMA. Image courtesy of CES.

It may not be of Chael Sonnen proportions, but the trash that lightweight Gemiyale Adkins is talking towards his CES MMA opponent Mike Campbell is still pretty damn entertaining.

Adkins is set to do battle with “The Beast” Campbell this coming Saturday at CES MMA’s “Real Pain” event in Providence, RI and has made it very clear what he expects the outcome to be.

“I’m coming to knock his ass out,” Adkins said in a recent media release.  “I don’t want him to think I’m just coming here to win; I’m coming to finish him, and it’s going to start from the first round all the way to the third.  I’m coming to end it.  No disrespect, but this is what we do.  We fight.  My right hand is Robitussin and my left hand is Nyquil.  I’m coming to put his ass to sleep.”

Now those are some serious fighting words.

Quick to retort, Campbell, a WEC vet, had a few choice words for his loudmouth opponent as well.

“Tell him to keep his hands up to make sure he doesn’t get knockout out first,” Campbell said.  “I’ve been busting my ass training.  I can’t wait for this fight.  The only guys he’s knocked out are guys who are 0-5 or 1-0.  He hasn’t been in there with the caliber of guys I’ve fought or anyone with my level of skill.  We’ll see if he can back up the talk.”

I shouldn’t be surprised by this war of words from these lightweights as both men have fought for bigger promotions in the past and know how to hype a fight.  The real questions is whether the trash talking will turn into an actual slugfest.

Adkins, a one-time Bellator competitor, returns to the cage for the first time since dropping a unanimous decision to former The Ultimate Fighter finalist Kris McCray last November but shouldn’t be too rusty—especially now that he’s fighting in a new weight class.  Saturday’s fight against Campbell will be Adkins 155 lb. debut and, if his words are any indication, I fully expect him to come in amped up and energized.

Amazingly, the 5-foot-5 Adkins formerly competed at both heavyweight and middleweight, but may have found his proper home at lightweight.  World-renowned trainer Greg Jackson thinks that Adkins may even have the potential to become a champ at 155 according to a CES press release.

Campbell’s going to be a tough guy to beat, however, as the Rhode Island native is currently on a 3-1 run while fighting under the CES MMA banner and also owns a win over UFC lightweight Yves Edwards.  And for all Adkins talk about knocking people out, Campbell actually has over twice as many career finishes with seven of his 11 wins coming via knockout or technical knockout.

It’s hard to make a prediction for this fight as both men boast solid records and are virtually equally experienced.  But because of Campbell’s recent success, I think he’s got a good shot at taking home a win in his native state.

Regardless of the winner, however, I fully expect this bout to be an all-out war and may even take some of the spotlight from headliner and former WWE champ Dave Bautista, who will be making his MMA debut that night.


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