MMA and the New Model for Journalism in the Digital World

Professor Kennedy in my Reinventing the News class brought in some really awesome guest speakers last week from an innovative internet news site called BostInno that really speaks to the evolution of journalism in this digital age.

Using a very well thought out strategy in order to engage their audience, the guys and gals over at Streetwise Media have created an innovative platform to aggregate news and get their readers involved in a variety of ways.

Focusing more on local news coverage, budding local innovations  as well as user submitted content, BostInno speaks to the heart of the new digital age of journalism.  In the MMA world, many new sites and blogs have taken a similar approach with how they obtain content.

I’ve been working for Bleacher Report for a while now and can attest for their innovative approach to gathering sports news and providing fans with sports content.  Particularly on their UFC and MMA pages – which is where you can find some awesome stuff by yours truly – B/R does a fantastic job of mixing together the gathering of news from larger sites with their own breaking news and analysis.

Similar to BostInno, Bleacher Report uses user submitted content, but B/R takes it to another level.  The fast growing sports site – which was just recently purchased by Turner – has a fantastic network of fans turned writers  as well as lead writers that has really built up a strong community of content generators.

As we continue to look forward, success in this digital age requires providing audiences with a wide variety of content in a variety of interactive ways.  Like BostInno and Bleacher Report, the key is to build up a strong community between writers and the audience around an interesting niche.


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