It’s Time! -To Read More Blogs

I like to keep an eye on a handful of awesome sites and blogs when I’m not out in the field reporting, just to make sure I stay up to date on all the latest MMA news.

As any good, modern journalist on the web, I prefer to mix up the coverage I read between the straight-laced, facts only news with some deeper analysis sprinkled in.

My go to source for straight to the point breaking news is the website MMA Junkie.  Out of all the sites I frequent, MMA Junkie is by far the best for unbiased, traditional-style sports news, although they are getting better with their more op-ed type pieces.

When I’m looking for more in-depth coverage or for the latest scoop or fight rumor, you can usually find me on the ever popular MMAFighting.com.  The writers over there are some of the best in the business, especially the award winning Ariel Helwani who has become the face of MMA journalism.

The UFC and MMA writers for Bleacher Report provide some of the best analysis on the web.  Guys like Jonathan Snowden and Jeremy Botter are two insiders I like to follow, particularly on their ancillary blog Caged In where their thoughtfulness and in-depth interviews really shine through.

And as a fellow B/R writer, I can vouch for just how good these guys really are.

Last but not least, former UFC champ BJ Penn has a really awesome website that compiles both eye-catching MMA content with links to breaking news stories and rumors that always blows up my Facebook news feed.

Photo (cc) by Lee Brimelow and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.


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